Post Theater

From Portland Oregon, hails the highly acclaimed artist NagaSita. Trisha will be hosting this artist in Salt Lake City, for a potent spring equinox weekend, chalk full of events.

The first event is to be held on Friday, March 20th.  You are invited to this event, to harness and call in the pure energies of the Spring Equinox.  Ritual robes are encouraged.  Join us, for an evening of visual and ritual magic at the historical Post Theater. Simply sit back and take in the experience, being a witness to the ancient rites of spring, acted out through song and dance. A potent performance from NagaSita, the guest of honor, seals the evening’s celebration.  Doors open at 7:30pm show begins promptly at 8:30pm, $15-  in advance, $20- day of.  Purchase tickets here  or at


Next, comes NagaSita’s signature workshops.  ALL WORKSHOPS TO BE HELD AT SALT CITY STUDIO
Salt City Studio: 1321 East 3300 South Suite #6 SLC, UT.

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Saturday, March 21st is Workshop #1 a four hour emersion   Ritual Theater: Sacred Expressions in Bellydance – The Apsara Format.  As one of the pioneers of ritual-performance in Tribal Bellydance today, NagaSita thrives in sharing her connection with the divine feminine in dance and by creating elaborate offerings in honor of the Goddess. Sacred conscious meaning within dance is a practice that has unfortunately been lost to many civilizations over the course of time. An art begun thousands of years ago, which still thrives today all over the world and in fact – is the origin of purpose for dance itself.

NagaSita opens this workshop by teaching her unique yoga and meditation practice for clearing. We then move on to bellydance warm-up and instruction in temple-dance choreography written by NagaSita for dancers to perform as a soloist or in a group by using a combination of influences from: Odissi temple-dance techniques & mudras, storytelling in movement with Hula, supreme poise with ballet, and modern Butoh exploration, blended with sultry stylization in Tribal-Fusion Bellydance. NagaSita has developed this evocative dance as a system of movement that is fun to practice and pleasant to digest for students.

Inquire about the private party, Saturday evening.

Sunday, March 22nd THE FUN AND LEARNING CONTINUES !! with …

Workshop #2  Tribal Nouveau Stylizations (1 year of bellydance experience preferred) *ALMOST SOLD OUT*

This is a high velocity class with a fun cardio warm up that flows right into dynamic drilling for strengthening, and flawless execution. NagaSita will break down advanced isolation combos which are then layered over fancy shmancy footwork which evolves into a wicked choreography. There will be emphasis on precision, timing, and keeping good posture with vigorous repetition. The workshop is then concluded with an essential yoga cool-down for guaranteed bellydancer bliss.

1 year of bellydance experience preferred.

Workshop #3 TEMPLE TRIBAL – Sacred Expressions through Bellydance

NagaSita’s unique concoction of Tribal Nouveau with Indian Classical,Tibetan, Balinese, Hawaiian, and Japanese fusion. In this workshop NagaSita spends the first half with a yoga warm-up then she breaks down all of the techniques involved to master this exciting new form of fusion. For the second half of the workshop, she focuses entirely on Temple Tribal choreography which merges all of the techniques broken down in the first half, so that dancers can get a good idea of what this dance style feels like in motion. 2-4 hours. 1 year Tribal Fusion Fundamentals experience is advised before taking this workshop.