“Wool Spinning” with Moons: Saturday 9.19.15 11am-2pm

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WHEN: Saturday, September 19th 11am-2pm

WHERE: Triluna Studios 741 S. 400 W. SLC UT.


WHAT TO EXPECT: This workshop will cover a variety of techniques for spinning wool, carding, drafting, tension, drop spindle, wheel spinning, and skeining with a niddynoddy.

“I’m excited to be working in the ways of spinning raw fibers into usable strings and yarn as a practice of trance meditation to move deeper into a homemade intentional space. Whether you use that string for weaving textiles, knitting a hat, or wrapping on packages, we will be learning the ancient and old ways of turning raw materials into usable cordage for whatever you would like to create. In the class we will be practicing with wool and alpaca fibers to understand the different materials available to us and make a collective intentional woven offering with the strands we work on to weave together a larger collective dream space. All materials will be provided within the workshop to create our vision, the only thing needed to sign up is an open heart.”