The Tales of The Pendulum & The Victim, A Workshop by Trisha & Alicia

$25.00 not inc. tax


WHAT:  A two hour workshop on how to use and connect to your pendulum aka you higher self on a very vital level.  In this workshop you will learn the ancient art of dowsing.  Which will open the door to a whole new world on how you not only make decisions but how to better heal the body, mind, and spirit connection through your all knowing, higher self. We will be looking at stories we create and how the victim mentality plays the “cock blocker” roll in your life on a daily basis.  Join Trisha McBride and Alicia Kim Thompson for this cutting edge ground breaking workshop.

WHEN: Saturday, DECEMBER 15th from 1-3pm

WHERE: 3746 East Sunnydale Lane, Salt Lake City UT.

HOW MUCH: $25 pre sale $30 at the door.

WHAT TO BRING:  A note book, a pendulum, a beverage or a favorite snack to share (if you wish).  A yoga mat and a bottle of water.