Temple Body Philosophy: A Workshop, April 22nd aka EARTH DAY 4-5:30pm

$35.00 not inc. tax


WHEN: Saturday, April 22nd *EARTH DAY* 2017

WHERE: Eccles Community Art Center 2580, Jefferson Ave, Ogden, Utah 84401

HOW MUCH:  $35 pre-registered $40 day of

WHAT TO EXPECT:  This is a one and a half hour workshop, designed as a crash course intro into the Temple Body Philosophy.  We will be working in depth through grounding at the root chakra.  From the depth of our roots we rise up, energetically opening the sacred gates of the female body via the sacral chakra.

It is from this room, within the womb … that we linger.  Delving into pure pleasure is where we spark the creative fires to fuel this dance.

We will be spending a good portion of this course getting to know mula bandha within dance, yoga and ALL physical practices.  The properties and benefits of engaging and releasing this root lock is the building block of this movement philosophy.

From here we are lead  into the solar plexus, our power center.  Stepping into our personal power in this “belly dance” in full awareness of the power of this dance.  Deeply grounded in a state of compassionate body consciousness is the goal.

The most important part of this practice,  is having a blast diving in and and allowing your inhibitions to fall.  This is the most important module factor,  finding the pure joy in your bodies temple.  Its in there … RAW, UNADULTERATED, BOOMING, FULL BODY BLISS.   From here it is time for the “dance manifestation” to begin

Enrich, enhance and fine tune your “movement medicine” with Temple Body Philosophy.  The tools you will receive in this course you can apply in your everyday life, off the mat, out of the dance studio  and into your personal matrix.

WHAT TO BRING – WEAR: please bring a yoga mat and a bottle of water a notebook if you wish and wear whatever is comfortable for you to move it.  *No coin belts pretty please, they can be very noisy and distracting, thank you.