Move Like Water: Part 2

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WHEN: Thursdays, May 28th – July 2nd 8:35-10pm

WHERE: CENTERED CITY YOGA, Earth Studio: 926 E. 900 S. Salt Lake City, UT.

HOW MUCH : $68-

WHAT TO EXPECT: Gracefully moving within the consciousness of water, is the beauty of this series. Attuning to our physical body that is made up of 75%-80% water is the focus of this series.

Starting out with a grounding and restorative posture at the beginning of every class, allows us to reset our energetics for this work. From this space flowing into a specific yoga warmup. Conditioning and developing the muscle control needed to move ultra slow with watery like grace is KEY. Gaining the flexibility and mental focus within the yoga flow

There will be a power revue at the top of the dance section every week, of the recent “Immortal Egypt” water choreography (PERFECT FOR NEW COMERS TO THIS SERIES). I will add onto the choreography and move forward within it every week. Diving deep into the sacred, divine feminine physical body through this work, is the mode of operation of this series.

Expect high energy drills, that will help you gain the strength to slow it all down, for a beautiful fluid execution in every move. We will be partnering up in this series so if you have a friend you wold like to dance with, buddy up. If you are coming alone, I can’t think of a better to make new friends.

WHAT TO BRING: A yoga mat, (one will be provided for you if you do not have one) a bottle of water, and a veil. and a friend if you would like. A bottle of water, a thirst for the dance, and open heart and mind.
**Image be the brilliant photographer: Zena Holloway