Durga’s Dance *A Six Week Series* Nov 14 – Dec 19 ’17

$78.00 not inc. tax


WHEN: Every Tuesday starting Nov 14 – Dec 19 ’17 8:10pm – 9:30pm 

WHERE: SALT CITY STUDIO 1321 E. 3300 S. sutie 6  

HOW MUCH:$78 pre-sale $90 day of … drops ins will be available for $18- IF the series is not sold out

WHAT TO EXPECT: This series is open to ALL LEVELS. Restore, balance and reform, as we condition the body to move into the arena of “calm power”.  Learn the art of gracefully gliding into the depth of your fierce natural feminie power. There will be sweat …be prepared to leave your inhibitions at home. Expect deep hip opening practices within every workshop. Muscle conditioning via specific yoga sequencing and belly dance drills working all chakra engery centers. Shifting gears and frequencies through the 5 M’s … mudra, mantra, movement, myth and meditation. You will be learning combinations that weave into choreography within this series. The goal is to take home a deep understanding on how to always return to your center of calm power, hence evoking and calling on Durga when she is needed.

WHAT TO BRING: a yoga mat, a bottle of water and something to cover your eyes while in meditation.

THE STORY OF DURGAR + KALI: “The Hindu story goes like this: the gods and the demons are battling for the heavens and Earth, and the battle has been going on for a very long time. The demons have some wonderful tricks up their sleeves and are winning the battle, kicking the gods out of heaven one by one, disturbing the balance of light and dark.

Finally, the gods decide to call a council and see what they need to do. After putting their heads together, they realize “we forgot the feminine!” and together they call upon the great Goddess, as yet, to come help them in this epic battle.

The Goddess shows up as Durga: radiant, in her full sensual power, riding a tiger. She has many arms, and the gods, wowed by her energy, hand her their weapons one by one. Calmly, in her truth, restoring balance, she rides through the battle ground, slaying the demons one by one.

She is not angry, only very very clear: these demons have too much power; they have upset the balance with their tricks; they need to go. She is able to slay all of the demons but one, a buffalo demon who has a special power: when he is injured, every drop of blood that hits the ground births a new form of him.

Durga realizes something else is needed, and from her forehead is born Kali. Kali is not beautiful, or sensual, or calm — she is royally pissed! She wears a necklace of skulls, her skin is blue, her hair is Medusa-like, and she has a long, pointed tongue. Kali goes to work on the buffalo demon, and as his blood spills, Kali’s tongue catches it before it hits the ground; she is victorious and kills the demon.

The problem is, Kali can’t stop. She is so filled with rage, she continues to go through the land, destroying everything in her path. What finally stops her is Shiva, her beloved, who offers her his vulnerability by laying in her path and displaying his naked throat, hers to kill. This act of love and vulnerability wakes her up: she stops and comes back to consciousness.” Jill Miller of  Twin Flame Healers