Dance of The Devotee *Element Water* 9.18. – 10.23 2018

$79.00 not inc. tax



The Dance of the Devotee, is beyond just a Belly Dance class.  This particular practice is designed to take us back to a very ancient form of communion with nature, and to our natural, tribal, basic need to gather.

Imagine a group of women coming together every week to support whatever shift is at hand. To get raw, real, and to define beyond the shape of your body, we are working internally to shape our exernal world in whole.  Using all that is available to us, such as ancient ritual rites, the elements, the lunar cycles, vedic chanting and more.

A devoted honoring through this dance practice, opens up your whole world for redefining.  DANCE MAGIC, DANCE.  Form a clear devotion to yourself, step into your power and open yourself up through the body math and sacred geometry that belly dance is.  We are the vessel to goddess connection and this is how we prepare the vessel to receive the highest form.

Water… prepare to open the flood gates.    We are now moving into the season of water.  As the summer fires cool,  we invoke the element of water.  The grace of water, the fluidity of the body of water … to move like water in life is the key metaphor.

WHEN: Every Tuesday starting September 18 – October 23 4 2018, 8:10pm – 9:45pm

WHERE: SALT CITY STUDIO 1321 E. 3300 S. suite 6

HOW MUCH:$79 pre-sale $95 day of … drops ins will be available for $20- IF the series is not sold out

WHAT TO EXPECT:  You can expect a union between modern movement, traditional belly dance, drills, asana, vedic chanting and puja (Puja, or prayers, in different forms. Pūjā or Poojan or Poosei(Thamizh)(Devanagari: पूजा) is a prayer ritual performed by Hindus of devotional worship to one or more deities, or to host and honor a guest, or one to spiritually celebrate an event)
  This series is open to ALL dance levels, some belly dance education will be beneficial.   The Dance of The Devotee is a path honoring the rites of ritual dance. The ground we dance on has a deep spiritual foundation, and is firmly rooted in traditional Goddess worship.
 The format for all series is a devotional passage to empowerment and self growth. We also recognize and work in union with lunar cycles of the month.  Dedication and discipline are the key elements to any devotional practice, this particular dance is the cultivation of my personal belly dance and yoga education as student and educator for over 22 years.
WHAT TO BRING-WEAR:  Please bring your own yoga mat ( one will be provided if you do not have ) wear comfortable dance – yoga clothing, a bottle of water and an open mind and willingness to step out of your comfort zone for personal growth.  Please do NOT wear coin belts to avoid noise distraction.