A Triluna Sojourn “The Bali Chapter” Feb 17-March 22 2019 APPLICATION

$5.00 not inc. tax


This is a women’s journey into the sacred land of Bali, The Land of a Thousand Temples.

Program A runs 19 days long and is held over the full moon to the new moon.  Program B runs for 34 days long and is held from the full moon to the following full moon.  We will be working with the cyclical charts of heaven and earth, honoring our cycles along with the moons throughout our ritual and goddess studies in the colorful, deeply honoring Hindu culture and traditions of Bali.

Our studies will consist of daily ritual emersion, we will be studying several ritual styles. Traditional Balanese Temple dance, taught by local Balanese instructors and artists.  I will be leading you though The Dance of the Devotee emersion’s consisting of  yoga, restorative yoga,  belly dance, guided meditation, shakti circuit exploration, guidance and training,  ritual- puja with lunar cycles.  Our studies will also consist of personal prescribed asana, mantras, chanting,  philosophy and vedanta (by guest instructors.)  There will be several guest teachers during this Sojourn.  We will also be taking a yoga, temple tour and ecstatic dance tour around the island.

Walking The Path of the Priestess is a fierce path and not for the faint of heart.  Hence the application form that you will be filling out, I will closely be reviewing your application and deciding if the chemistry of this Sojourn, is right for the group and everyone’s highest good.

THIS IS NOT A RETREAT.  You will be securing your own housing, meals and transportation during our stay in Penestatan-Ubud, Bali.  Accommodations, food and transportaion in Bali are very affordable.  I opted for this route, to keep the cost of the journey at an affordable rate. You will have assistance in finding the best place for you to stay.  We will look at coordinating housing as a group, so that we are all close to one another if not in the same home.  Your accommodations are up to you,  your level of participation in the program is up to you.

EARLY BIRD PRICES please read purple details below,  PROGRAM A:  “The Dance of The Devotee” Start date is February 17th to March 7th 2019.   From full moon to new moon, total cost = $1,300.00

PROGRAM B:  “The Path of The Priestess” Start date is February 17th to March 22nd 2019.  From full moon to Full moon, total cost = $2,600.00

Once you have purchased the application fee, you will be receiving an email with the application and more instructions.

Further Information on this Sojourn TBA as it unfolds, Om

Deadline Dates and Prices Details. 

Application forms received and accepted before October 1st 2019 are considered “early bird” $550- deposit is due by October 15th 2019 for early bird pricing.  Prices will increase  $600 on Journey A and B after October 1st 2019. 

Full payment for this journey is due by February 1st 2019.  Late fees will apply if full payment is not received at this time.

Please remember that space is limited, as of June 2018 there are 10 spaces open.

Thank you for your consideration and applications.  If you have any questions, please email trishamcbride@gmail.com with the subject TRILUNA SOJOURN 2019.