Full Moon Retreat 2018 Costa Rica “What To Pack”

In Blog by Trisha McBride

Here is your 2018 packing list …

Pack Lightly !  30 pounds is your FREE checked baggage allowance, for your domestic flight. You can carry on 10 more lbs (like your purse) on your Sansa flight.  Sansa is literally to the left as you walk out of the airport.  You can truly through a stone at your domestic flight from your international flight, easy peasy.  Anything over the 30 lb free checked bag fee is a $1 per pound. Here is the link to Sansa’s official 411 on the baggage.  dhttp://crc.flysansa.com/en/travel-info/baggage I always just pack a big hiking back pack, one I can carry on my international flight.  This way I don’t have to check any baggage, I never trust the airlines with connecting flights, but thats just me.

Iguana Lodge provides yoga mats so you do not have to pack one. I do, however recommend packing a “yoga towel” if you can.  It’s a great way to absorb perspiration and humidity on your borrowed mat.  Check these out here

Dinner is always an occasion at Iguana Lodge, so you may want to pack some nicer clothes than your yoga and swim wear.

Please pack and wear a WHITE outfit, for our full moon ritual on the beach. This lands on the 31st of January.  This is my favorite tradition for this retreat.  Everyone looks amazing at dinner in all white,  yet wait till we get to the beach under the full moon <3

Here are a few more items I would recommend packing …

A)Pack your waterproof sunscreens, please make sure your sunscreen in reef safe.

B) Sunglasses, especially a pair you don’t mind scratching

C)  BUG REPELLENT ! I learned of a neat new homeopath called MOZI- Q that supposedly keeps the blood suckers away.  I attract mosquitos like crazy, and I am also allergic to their saliva so I will try anything and everything to keep them at bay.  Check it out here I am looking forward to test driving it this year along with the rest of my repellent arsenal.

D) Pack a head lamp. We are far from light pollution !!! (and air pollution for that matter) The moon will be shedding a lot of light at night ,yet you will want and extra light, the flash light function on your phone will also work, yet its nice to have to have your hands free.

E) Flip flops – AND OR RIVER SHOES (aka Tevas)

F) Ear plugs ! It can get loud in the jungle

G) Eye pillow (this is nice during restore)

H) I like charging crystal while I am there 🙂

I ) I am into packing a small drug store so here are a few more of my suggestion. I get motion sickness really easily on my flights so I an test driving another new homeopathic from Hyland’s check it  2.) Benadryl or another antihistamine if you are sensitive to mosquito bites like myself.  3.) Activated Charcoal pills incase your system is sensitive to foreign  bacteria, not usually a problem for most visiting Costa Rica.  I personally never travel without activated charcoal, anywhere.  Come see me at Dave’s Health & Nutrition 3900 S. 880 E. for charcoal and other natural supplements if you need them, or want more suggestions.

This is all for now, schedule and itinerary will be posted shortly.