Trisha is a certified yoga instructor since 2010, who has created and developed Core and Restore. Also a very specific Prenatal Yoga flow has been her focus over the years. “The connection of softening into our strength is my approach. To be able to find the depth of our personal power and to spark the continual shift and growth we all seek is the goal. The goal is obtained though compassion for the self. Surrendering and softening into our strengths is key.”


“Movement Medicine is my term for this dance. Raw and powerful rooted in the knowledge of Shakti, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Temple Dance and a strong love and respect for performance art. This is a dance of continually greeting ourselves, and the many facets of who we are. Learning how to spread our wings to soar is the focus of this practice. Within this expression there is a beauty and freedom, it heals the body and the spirit and makes way for who we truly are to come forth.”


Trisha developed Triluna in 2011 and has been designing long before that. Triluna designs are for women through all the stages of life. The maiden, the mother and the crone hence the name Triluna. Trisha desings specific lines each season. With the change of each season comes fresh new designs and costumes for dancers. A love for making women feel beautiful in their skin is the modus operandi of Triluna.